New directory structure for writings

New pages will now include date at the bottom along with last modified date. And the structure will be year/title.org because writings folder was getting too messy.

2020-10-27 Tuesday

I organised all the files according to the new structure. This does mean deadlinks, I could just symlink them but I don't want lots of files in the writings directory.

Actually I just added the symlink instructions to the script that I use to sync this.

2020-11-01 Sunday

I removed the year from path for a few reasons.

  • People might try visiting 2020/index.html to see if there is a yearly index & I don't have that.

Also, I just deleted that symlink thing from the script because it's not required I think.

2020-11-02 Monday

I setup meta redirects for all the old links after seeing one page linked in a mailing list. I didn't want to break old links. This is better than symlinking becuase my pages contain relative links so stylesheet & other links would break.

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