Adding date in URLs

I've started adding date in URLs under /writings. You might notice a timestamp at the end of each page, that is when the page was last modified & not when I wrote it.

I think the creation date must be known so I'll add them in URLs from now. I also keep them in the writings index page, so you could get the date from there too.

The new URL format will be YYYY-MM-DD_post-title.

        <andinus> are underscores in urls okay?                           [16:38]
          <Botje> why wouldn't they be?                                   [16:39]
          <Botje> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#section-2.3
          <Botje> they're unreserved                                      [16:40]
          <Botje> so you can use them
        <andinus> i started adding dates to my posts so new name is like
                  "date_post-title.html"                                  [16:41]
     <simcop2387> andinus: browsers and people may not have a problem with the
                  url, but google and seo and such might.  they seem to like
                  urls like /post/date/title and such now                 [16:45]
        <andinus> ah i dont care about seo thing, i was thinking about people
                  not liking it                                           [16:46]
        <andinus> havent seen it much
           <ttkp> andinus - some people strongly dislike underscores, but I've
                  yet to hear a reasonable explanation for it             [16:48]
                * ttkp adores underscores *shrug* ymmv                    [16:49]
    <simcop2387> ttkp: they're moist

I changed the timestamp at the end to clearly say it's last modified stamp. This does make the URL a bit ugly but it's okay.

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