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Crux is a wallpaper manager written in Perl, currently it supports fetching from Unsplash Source.

I have previously written Cetus which supports Bing Photo of the Day & NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day. I plan to port all to features to Crux someday.

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feh is required to set the background. Other DE/WMs & macOS can be easily supported, if you want it then look at Cetus's source or ping me, I'll add it. Basically you just have to use HTTP::Tiny or something to download the image & set it as background with DE/WM specific tools.

The version numbers mentioned in cpanfile is not the minimum required to run Crux, you can try lowering them. Might also make this work without some dependencies, look at lib/ and see what dependencies you can remove.

For example, you can probably remove Carp & replace it with die, not the same thing but it should work.



  • debug

    This will print additional information that'll help you to debug the code. You might see multiple Unveil warnings on non-OpenBSD systems, ignore them.

    $response received from the api will also be printed.

  • help

    Prints quick help information listing all the options & a small description.

Unsplash Source

Some options cannot be mixed, if you mix them then expect unexpected results. It won't fail but can return photos that you didn't ask for.

For example, --search nature --user test - You might think this will return an image from user "test" & related to "nature" but it won't! It will either return an image related to "nature" or user "test" because these options cannot be mixed. Look at Unsplash Source to know more about the kind of queries that are valid.

I could write a check for invalid options but that would be complicated so I didn't, it's easier to ignore invalid options & you can always pass the debug option to see what query it constructed.

--search nature --daily - This is a valid set, I have written about valid sets below, like under daily it's mentioned that you can pass search option so read each description.

  • resolution

    Default is "1920x1080", it doesn't check the value passed so make sure you pass the correct value. This can be passed with any option, it will be ignored if not applicable.

  • search

    Search accepts multiple space seperated values. It's passed directly to the api.

    Note: The feature to get space seperated values is marked as experimental in Getopt::Long so the behaviour can change in future, worse even get removed. To guarantee backwards compatibility pass each value by itself like --search rocky --search mountain, this is equivalent to --search rocky mountain.

  • featured

    Only Unsplash curated images are returned if you pass featured, this can be passed along with search.

  • user

    This will return a random photo from given user.

  • userlikes

    Only returns random photo from user's likes, this is a boolean & can be passed with user option.

  • collection

    Returns photos from a collection.

  • daily, weekly

    This will return a set random daily or weekly image. user & search option can be passed to narrow the selection.

Cross-platform compatibility

Crux should run on all supported platforms, there is OpenBSD specific code but it's ignored on other platforms. To know more about how this works read this page: Cross-platform compatibility.

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