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Cetus is a simple wallpaper management tool written in Go. It supports multiple sources for fetching the background. Currently it supports NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day & Bing Photo of the Day.

Project Home Cetus
Source Code Andinus / Cetus
GitHub (Mirror) Cetus - GitHub
Demo Video
Cetus v0.6.0
Cetus v0.6.0 Demo on macOS

Dependency: feh (optional), libnotify (optional)

It supports GNOME, Unity, LXDE, Pantheon & WM/DE similar to i3wm (including i3wm).

Tested on:


Run cetus help to get the usage printed & cetus <command> <service> -help to get the flags for that particular service.

# set today's image as background
cetus set <service>  # <service>: apod, bpod

# set a random apod image as background
cetus set apod -random

# send a desktop notification
cetus <command> <service> -notify # <command>: set, fetch

# don't set background but fetch the information
cetus fetch <service>

# print details in terminal
cetus <command> <service> -print

# print and notify
cetus <command> <service> -print -notify


Pre-built binaries

Pre-built binaries are available for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, Linux & macOS.

If you don't understand what this command does then don't run it. It doesn't download the binary, it will just print the steps to install cetus & you have to run those commands manually.


Note for OpenBSD users: If you are using GNOME, Unity, LXDE or Pantheon then this version may not work, due to unveil. This probably has been fixed in v0.6.7, compile it.

curl -s https://tildegit.org/andinus/cetus/raw/tag/v0.6.4/scripts/install.sh | sh


Warning: Don't use random flag on BPOD, it has been disabled in v0.6.1 but v0.6.0 will cause issues if random flag is used with BPOD. This was fixed in newer versions.

cetus set bpod -random # don't do this

curl -s https://tildegit.org/andinus/cetus/raw/tag/v0.6.0/scripts/install.sh | sh

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