Decentralized Medical Records

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Application https://andinus.unfla.me/MyMedMemoir
Project Homepage https://andinus.unfla.me/projects/MyMedMemoir
Demo Video https://diode.zone/w/pm6dQGvTP77MT5KoipecPH
Source https://git.unfla.me/MyMedMemoir
GitHub (mirror) https://github.com/andinus/MyMedMemoir

Team Delta Proioxis



The idea behind the project was to create an application for users to store their medical records. It would be stored on Tezos blockchain.

Currently, the storage is not encrypted and is shared between all the users, the storage can be separated in the smart contract, this will also prevent other's from editing one's records. For encryption we can ask the user for a key on every login and the records would be encrypted with that key.

This probably wasn't the best use of technologies, I think it's best to use them for data that is to be public information. It would be distributed and you always know the source of the information, knowing the source is something we didn't do anything with in this project.

That said, it was fun to work on this!


This project was a great learning experience as I took my first dive into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. I worked on the front-end part of the medical records. In the entire duration of the hackathon, I learnt a lot from my teammates and was able to step up my programming skills to a new level. All in all, It was exciting to build an application but under a time constraint.


It was a great experience, I was involved in making landing page and overall planing of project. I learnt many new things during the process of making this application. And the stress was real because of time limits.


Memoir contract is written with smartpy.

  • landing/: Host at root.
  • public/: Host at App/.


MyMedMemoir - Decentralized Medical Records
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